new book release: “LOVE… Opera House of the SOUL”

Book Cover

“LOVE… Opera House of the SOUL”


“LOVE… Opera House of the SOUL” is dedicated to directing humankind’s attention towards love’s miraculous and ever-present beauty. This book has been waiting for the right moment to be birthed.
The art in this book is evidence of the artist’s half century engagement with The Art Spirit of which Robert Henri spoke of a century ago. The poetry serves as a doorway to The Great SOUL of BEING we each belong to.

The mytho-poetic and metaphysical geometry landscapes included in this book as accompaniments to the written word are love offerings shared with the world during this great transition into higher dimensional frequencies of human nature. These images are to serve humankind in our collective ascent into the higher vibrational frequencies of LOVE.

They speak of a natural sacred space humans have interacted with for centuries upon centuries and are to serve as a bridge between worlds where a connection is made with that which is beyond the grasp of our physical senses and is yet a true source of inspiration for those of us incarnate in this realm.

This compilation of poems, quotable quotes, and metaphysical musings on the subject of Love is published to assist each of us in reimagining our world into one where truth, beauty, and goodness rule the day.

With a focus on love, this book intends to assist with our necessary shift of attention towards a sacred ground of being where we collectively evolve into a spirit of ONE LOVE.

Nature is yet the great mystery. The works of art offered in this book are alchemical formulas intended as visual connections to that which lives inside the Great Soul of Nature.

* The retail price for this book is $36.99 PLUS $4.50 (shipping and handling in the United States)

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