About the Work

Root Three Fractal SpiralGram 15

My work seeks to serve as a visual bridge between the Physical Sciences and The Science of Consciousness. The Golden Proportion (aka the Golden Mean or Divine Proportion), found to be ubiquitous throughout nature, is present in many of these works of art. This presence enables and permits readability by viewers either at a conscious level or at a feeling or subconscious and energetic level. My practice of rendering visible signs of the unseen “Implicate Order” is in keeping with the ancient craft guilds’ directives, and more ancient canons for referencing the Divine Presence in all things. Each work is born out of a deep communion with what I poetically refer to as The Art Spirit.

The majority of my work that has been exhibited over the past twenty years is recognizably geometrically abstract. Euclidian geometry is the organizational underpinning of these works of art. The five construction rules of Euclidian geometry; the employing of a compass, a straight edge and a marking instrument are the tools employed in generating these compositions which are then realized as drawings, paintings or sculpture. My sculptural installations are distillations of, and elaborations on an ancient body of knowledge that reaches far into past human history. They are sketches for future public works of art.

Many have responded to these works of art by including them in their work environments and their homes. The words spoken in 1992 by my dear friend Dr John Thomas Biggers: “Man… you are dealing with pure Spirit!” sums up what many viewers of this art have spoken to me for more than three decades. I am reminded of a mission statement I wrote some years ago: “It is my mission, through my art, to inspire others to access, to honor, and to embrace their genius.”


Vandorn Hinnant