Line of Communication


Luke’s response (something to do with being “inside of Luke’s Sphere of Comprehension“) to your reference to a stick (as a line of connection/communication between two individuals, etc.) having two ends inspired the following thought: that “stick” (as a diagonal of any quadrilateral or rectangle) is embodied inside of a quadrilateral or rectangle that is inscribed (enclosed) inside of a circle that is one of the many uncountable great circles of a sphere.

This thought arose out of my experience of the Ancient Teachings I received from (Bob) R. L. Powell, Sr. He would find this thought entertaining. The teachings are such that they direct attention towards the phenomenon of relationship again, and again, and again. Which is exactly what you are emphasizing in referencing the stick having two ends! Each end of this stick (line), for me, represents a point (a heart) that is the center of a circle whose radius and circumference is defined by a point (a heart) at the other end. These two points (ends of a stick/line) defining centers and circumferences of two circles sharing a radius create what is named a vesica piscis (a term used frequently amongst groups that are identified with Sacred Geometry). And, of course, this takes us to venn diagrams and “the area common to circle A and circle B”.

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