Prints for Sale – There is Enough Light

“There Is Enough LIGHT…”   ©1991

Reproduced in an edition of 1,000 signed and numbered
four color offset lithographic prints priced at $125 each.

For as many years as I can remember into my past, I have been inspired from a deep place within my soul to create works of art. My entire life has been the journey of visual artist and poet. At some stage in my development, it occurred to me that these works of art were created with an intent to impart some form of inspiration to viewers, and to assist with intents to heal what needed healing.

In late December of 1990, I was working on the image that you see here: “There Is Enough LIGHT…” when a friend invited me to participate in a service at Greensboro College and to read one of the selected prayers to the audience that evening. Upon returning to my studio the next day I noticed what looked like a faint outline of a human figure in the under painting that I was drawing on and I decided to add definition to this outline. It was apparent to me this was an image of a woman with her arms opened wide and extended to each side.

When the work was completed, I had written into the painting the words: “There is enough LIGHT to illuminate the life of every human being one hundred trillion times over…” and repeated this line extending from the small figure up into the illuminated circle in the upper half of the composition. The title for the art is derived from this sentence. The work was completed on New Year’s Day 1991, and a year later, I was inspired to reproduce it as a limited edition print to share with others.

10 October 2010

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