Sculptures “Together We Rise” nearing completion!

Anyone donating $65. or more to this cause will receive from me a signed and numbered print of “There is Enough Light…”. All you have to do is to email me your confirmation of the donation along with your mailing address.

*see image below

“There is enough Light…”

A limited edition reproduction of the original painting of acrylic paint and prismacolor on cotton rag paper. Edition of 1,000 prints retailing at $125.00 each. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Image size: 27″ x 17″ on 29″ x 23″ paper.

This work is the first in a series begun in 1990. The text reads: “There is enough light to illuminate the life of every human being one hundred trillion times over . . .” and begins at the figure inside of the geometric figure in the lower left section of the picture plane. There is a faint image of the outline of a woman standing inside of this figure. This represents the universal woman speaking the words “There is enough light . . .”.

The colors represent the seven rays of visible light. The illuminated circle symbolizes our potential to become an illuminated consciousness working to raise and expand consciousness in this world.


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