Geometric Patterning

Archaeological excavations have consistently proven that for thousands of years humans have gathered in communities and organized themselves in ways that attest to an inherent need to experience an order based in beauty. And, the relics unearthed also show our  involvement in geometric patterning as an aesthetic predisposition. Given this information, one central question can be raised here. Is this tendency towards geometric patterning based in a psycho-physiological need? Many studies suggest this is so. My personal forty plus year experience as an artist has lead me to this conclusion. Throughout my history as a visual artist, I have gathered responses to my works of art. Many have suggested that my works are the first “abstractions” that they have been able to identify with. What many viewers have not known is that what they were witnessing were not abstractions, but carefully crafted 2D representations of the magnified dynamics of organized matter. Their response(s) to the images was due to being reminded of an order that exists at every level of organization; from the sub-atomic to the galactic and beyond.

We, individually and collectively, know this at a sub-conscious level. Our bodies are organized in ways that we have come to know at a conscious level due to discoveries such as the magnification of matter through microscopes, et cetera. It has been, and is my chosen task to provide others with reminders of this fact; the Universe is self-aware and that self-organization is consistently, and persistently central in this self-awareness.


21 January, 2012