The 2nd Day of Light

This geometry, experienced through the senses, resonates with the underlying energetic substructures residing in and around each of us, and has the potential of activating the often dormant awareness we walk with of universal order, and the indwelling love, beauty, and grace of the soul.

Vandorn Hinnant, May 2007



“With the birth of duality came pairing…

left/right… up/down…forward/backward…

inside/outside…before/after… is/is not.


Inside of duality a harmony rings… a vast and

expansive pulsating rhythmic structuring…

w a v e   upon   w a v e   upon   w a v e . . .


1 May 2012



“The 2nd Day of Light” a.k.a. “Emergence”

25″ x 18.5″

ink and prismacolor on pigmented paper

1 May 2012 © Vandorn

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