Dr.Edge by Dr. Darya Funches, ©1993

I’ve left a trail, you know
so others can find the glow
of the knowledge some historians
made hard to find.
I’ve left a trail, you know
that takes us to the edge
of what we think is so
about this universe of yours and mine.


Sometimes I stay on the perimeter
of things so I can see from
all points you know and remember
the edge appreciating all choices as divine.
I can walk the line, direct and fine
obeying the laws of order
which govern my mind.
I’ve got work to do; yes, I know it’s mine.


Like the alchemists of old,
it’s practical science turning
lead into gold
They’ve been thrown away like they were mold
There’s nothing like watching
children who’ve been labeled waste
become radiant once they taste
the meaning of the Golden Understanding as theirs.


I let them draw so that they can see
how the pictures can set them free
[whether ages of 15, 20, or 60]
because knowledge turns on the brilliance of their mind.
I do my thing like Leonardo and Plato
Like Pythagoras and those who know
that sacred geometry
shows all the universe, so sublime.


I work with artists, lawyers and poets,
architects, botanists and gentle spirits.
We work with threeness, fourness and five.
because of the tetrahedron, we’re all alive.
I discern at the outset
whether two handles are on the bucket
that say we’ll be equals
and only then do I go for it!


One of my favorite students
is an artist named Vandorn Hinnant.
He started out rather spastic
but our beginning was quite fantastic.
A mutual friend said we had to meet.
The connection was so instant
It was natural, not a major feat
Right away we said “let’s go draw!”


First we must have two crossings
of circles equally sized.
I don’t want the responsibility to
take care of the learner as mine.
Don’t impose my understanding
about change, reincarnation and such.
I’m here to help educate
contribute and love them as much.


Vandorn was a partner, two handles to start
With form he was intuitively working well
The structure of the geometry made it gel
Before he knew what he wanted to do
he’d hear sounds in his head
Wanted to bring these vibrations through
Now he knows the key to perfect symmetry
He knows where the drawn line should be.


I see the form in mathematics
He saw it in art
With no knowledge of formal patterns
He sees food, but has no digestive parts
Saturated with the artistic need to express
he was motivated to learn, he passed the test
I gave him the instrument
It works, his art has made an ascent.


Sometimes I felt like father
but that word is not good enough.
My son watches me do father stuff
and enjoys seeing the role I play.
It is rich to be able to share parts of the self.
There’s enough to go around of this wealth.
It’s challenging, working this close with women
The mate’s threatened by love shared through learning.


I like language that is precise
That tells the truth about us,
transformation and light.
Most words aren’t good enough
To describe transformational stuff.
For the sake of convenience and short cuts to boot,
tried to hide all of our true roots.


I’m onto something that needs to unfold
I’m leaving a trail, it’s clear and it’s old.
The fly in the ointment of quantum physics
[who may still be afraid of being called mystics]
is attachment to language and numbers called rational.
African math knows about the square
Whose root takes those who dare
the first step into the irrational, with the intellect and emotional.
Now you can discover and act on some hidden truth.


I’m in silent conversations all the time.
Pythagoras, Carver, Ouspensky, and Rolf.
They’re friends of mine.
Communicating across dimensions is like breathing
once you are conscious of the divine.
I’m a scientist who’s on the edge
Daring to share love through knowledge.
Don’t waste my time.


No matter what you think you see
When you take your first look at me
A colored boy in Fifth Ward Texas
Still remembering how the beauty of long division first blew my mind.
I’m like a fractal, enjoying beauty and utility
with the instructions of how to unfold clearly
the natural intelligence of all that’s divine.


I’ve got some things to get students equipped
Discovering what Pythagoras received in Egypt
Time to move beyond the limits
of resentment and perceived wrong.
Not getting the money to do my work
Working for less knowledgeable people
[Did I ever call them jerks?]
Breaking the rules of how the priests of
Physics say the game is played.


I listen to the tones of what you say
Sometimes pure words just get in the way
Watch your body, it tells if you want to play.
I’m gonna find out immediately
if you will surrender and learn.
We both dropped out of a womb
So shut up and learn beyond your limits
Before you jump in the tomb
That not knowing provides for everyone.


I’ve been a father, and also a son.
Where’s my mother, I was a husband
I love my brothers, sisters so fine
I’m facing the shadow of that femi-nine
In the world’s design as mine
Give me that joining of the circle and the line
Let me rise from the edge and spiral the sky.
I’m hopeful and still desire to fly.


Let’s leave a trail, I’ll help you see
Why the first page is always empty
Why red, blue, yellow and black
Make a gestalt, getting you back on track.
Come with me, I’m on the edge
of something small and of great proportion.
Let flow the tears in both our eyes,
stars in our soul when we recognize
the whole of the universe in your own mind.


Come with me, I’m on the edge
Don’t waste my time.
Let’s go draw,
and blow both our minds!



Darya Funches is a consultant, leader, and educator in the field of organization development and transformation. She consults to and develops practitioners and leaders interested in helping individuals, groups, organizations and communities reach their full potential and create breakthrough results for business and community.  Contact